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 Owner  builder Lew Matthews  RAA 9509 Shenfield St COBDEN  Victoria Australia 3266

 First flown 5.10.05 

Engine fitted Rotax 912 A Zero timed.

Propellor  Sweetapple 68 x 48

 Hours flown to date  347

 Take off distance about 200 meters, slow throttle opening, good directional control

 Climb out 65 knots @ 5500 rpm.

 Cruise speed one up, full flap , full fuel 42 knots, with no flap full fuel 43-44 knots.

 No spin experienced. Can be made to drop a wing deliberately with misuse of aileron or rudder.

 Load carried only experience 2 pob. Full fuel and 20 Kg behind the seat speed 85 kts@ 5000 rpm, very slight reduction of control responsiveness.

Glide 70 knots fairly shallow not explored. Landing characteristics.. should not be taken over the fence over 60 kts, will float if too fast and bounce if dumped.

 Ground handling quite easy and safe. Aircraft fitted with two independent hand levers on stick and they have proved to be quite convenient to operate cable brakes.

 It has been a joy to fly, but I am getting too old, and a bit too unwell.

 PHONE  03 55 951765….